Skincare with Biococooil

Coconut oil for hair, coconut oil for skin, coconut oil for bank account. *pours coconut oil on entire life*

Never exaggerated, the benefits of this liquid gold are non-exhaustive.

The Biococooil is 100% pure organic coconut oil and I absolutely see the difference. Packaging: The best packaging I’ve seen in a long time, Biococooil from the first touch makes me feel very African-y and very natural. I love the luxurious large glass bottle and the sack cloth label. And also the cork cover that makes me feel like I’m opening up a bottle of palmwine!

Whoever came up with this has my heart.

Size: 500ml.

I personally love coconut oil for my skin. As part of my glow agenda for 2018 #Glowgenda, the Biococooil has made its way into my everyday skincare routine. And I’ll list a few ways down below.

As a moisturizer: As natural as you get them, coconut oil absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy. It is great to apply when my face is really dry.

As a makeup remover: I mentioned this in my Beauty tag. To make sure that you get all the makeup gunk off before bed, rub Biococooil all over your face. Use a wet wipe after this and watch it all melt off.

As a wrinkle / anti aging therapy: Coconut oil massages are my favorite thing to do. I take out time every evening to massage under my eyes so that I don’t wake up with creases, wrinkles and bags. And even if you already have eye bags , the Biococooil reduces it till it disappears.

Other ways I use the Biococooil are

For teeth whitening: mixing a tiny bit with my baking soda gives excellent teeth whitening results.

For my hair: It is so lightweight and so prepares my hair for shampooing in a pre wash stage my natural hair sisters called pre-pooing. It is also great for hot oil treatments and to add to my home made conditioner.

Overall, the Biococooil is a great 100% pure organic coconut oil brand. The packaging and presentation along with quality sums up at not more than 3500 Nigerian Naira for the 500ml bottle. (Price could be less depending on where you purchase from)

I also love that it is available in quite a lot of stores in Lagos. Both mainland and island. So I don’t have to start traveling all the way to the island to get it.

What is your top use for coconut oil??? Leave your comments down below so I and everyone else can learn from you.

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These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye may have peace. In the world ye have tribulations. But be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

9 thoughts on “Skincare with Biococooil

  1. Coconut oil is indeed multipurpose. I love the packaging of this one too. How much is it and how many ml? Is it available in just one size?
    I’m not sure about using coconut oil as a moisturizer but I concur with the other options.


    • It is 500ml and available in just this size. Price varies depending on the store you get it. But it should not be more than 3500 in any store.
      It is not greasy so it is a perfect oil moisturizer. Even for oily skin. If oily skin is left alone, the body will feel the need to produce more oil.

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  2. Coconut oil should win an award for the greatest “multi-tasker”. He he! Great post! 👌🏽 All my life, I’ve always used coconut oil for my hair but since my hair fell in love with Hair Oil Mélange I had to switch and luckily for me, coconut oil is one of its ingredients. So coconut oil for the win!!!


  3. I have oily skin, and for years I deceived myself with the lie “oil is not good for me cause my skin is oily.” It took a while but I have learned that It is, in fact, a necessity. I buy oil nonstop now, and coconut oil I must say is really good. I have not tried this particular one but I will, thanks for sharing.

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  5. I’ve been told and I’ve also read about the wonders of coconut oil, I don’t think i have tried using coconut oil before, but it’s definitely on the list of things I want to try out before the end on 2018!


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