Makeup/Glam Hacks for 2018.

You would know (if you follow me on Instagram) that I suffered a major makeup loss when I misplaced my entire brush set and a couple of other makeup items in the last week of 2017.

So I have been using the first few weeks of 2018 to plan how I would rebuild my makeup box. Not just to replace the lost items but to make it even better. Continue reading


How To Maximize Your iPhone As Your Only Blogging tool(gadget).

As a blogger or just someone that loves aesthetics, you’ve most likely come across a Pinterest image of a perfect blogging/work space. The white walled office, MacBook, NotePad, DSLR/Mirrorless Camera and a cute potted plant.

Not everyone has all of that yet and if you’re just starting out, it might cost a lot to go purchase your blogging tools/gadgets all at once. Continue reading

The lazy girl’s guide to looking stylish and comfortable. 

 If you know me at all, you know I don’t like to put a lot of effort into getting dressed. As opposed to a few friends I have (side eye) that treat every occasion (including going to class) as a big deal.

I’m the Queen of comfort. So I just had to learn fast how to stay comfortable and look incredibly stylish at the same time.

Continue reading

Scent on a budget: Designer perfume oils. 

There can never be too much emphasis on the way you smell. Let me repeat that slowly. It is very important to smell good.

I know your personality is important (side eye), but it really isn’t the first thing people see. Or smell. Before you open your mouth, do make an impression.  Continue reading

OOTD: Stylish in white for TBP Bloggers Brunch 2. 

Notice that a new outfit post comes up when I have the opportunity to leave my house/school to go out? That is because it’s category on this blog is called “Personal Style”. It is just basically, a fancy way to say, “I take pictures of whatever I wear.”  Continue reading