Satin pillowcases over bonnets.

Pictures from pinterest

Hey sugars! Here’s something I want to share! Listen up.

You know the natural hair starter pack…it usually involves a bonnet. That silk /satin thing with an elastic band thing that makes me look like you should call me, “ma’am”
Well, I have an option that looks less weird and is still very practical. When I first big chopped I bought a lot of bonnets. Guys, a lot! This was because, the elastic in them kept loosening. Or snapping.

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The Deep Conditioner after my heart: ORS Replenishing Conditioner….Review.


Natural hair girls, get in here!
Kidding. Everyone’s invited. 🙂
I was looking for a staple DC for so long. I used the Soft and Beautiful Botanicals Deep Conditioner at the beginning of my hair journey but I wanted something I could easily find in a Nigerian market.
I read on a blog that the “ORS Deep Conditioner” is amazing. There were no pictures of it on the blog so when I went to the market I was looking for it in a tub and couldn’t find it anywhere. Everyone kept showing me this one in a squeeze tube and I just thought they were Igbo boys trying to sell their market.
You see, I thought It was a cowash conditioner and not a DC. So I judged the book by its cover. Continue reading

5 of my favorite things

This is a quick post and I’m sharing 5 of the things I really like. Not really things I can’t do without but lovely things.

Geneva Platinum strap wristwatch. 

 Got this for my birthday in April from my best(est) friend! Shoutout Elsie! This is how I will catch you to know if you read my blog! 😜 Besides it being from a special person, it is beautiful and I absolutely love the vibrant colors and the weave-like pattern. I’ve worn it so many times, if it could talk, it would scream! Continue reading