Satin pillowcases over bonnets.

Pictures from pinterest

Hey sugars! Here’s something I want to share! Listen up.

You know the natural hair starter pack…it usually involves a bonnet. That silk /satin thing with an elastic band thing that makes me look like you should call me, “ma’am”
Well, I have an option that looks less weird and is still very practical. When I first big chopped I bought a lot of bonnets. Guys, a lot! This was because, the elastic in them kept loosening. Or snapping.

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On Moving Forward

I contemplated ignoring the fact that I haven’t posted yet this year and I was just going to dive into a topic. But I owe some sort of intro…

So, I’m saying, ‘Happy New Year’ in my own little late way. And though cliche as it is, I believe in resolutions, new starts and forwardness. So, I’m listing things and bits about what I intend for the year and what I’ve been up to in the past 27 days of the year.Β  Continue reading

Currently I am #2


Hey guys! Remember my last Currently I am tag? It did pretty good. And is still a hit till now. So, a repeat? Yes please!

Currently, I am…

Wearing: a lot more nail polish than usual. In different and lovely colours. It’s just a way for me to cover my natural nails for my nail growth challenge.

Eating: Noodles everyday. Somebody help!

Learning: New things. New makeup products, techniques, face shapes. It’s refreshing.

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TGIFreeManicures and a Nail Growth Challenge


Let me just start by saying, not every time free stuff! Sometimes pay for stuff. Lol. This message is more to me than anyone else.
So, last week Friday, I dragged Elsie for a night out on the Island that was to start with free manicures courtesy a beauty subscription I’m signed to.

#TGIFreeManicures is one of a couple of exclusive events organised by Ez of Beauty In Lagos. It comes with her beauty subscription on her BeautyClubNG which is a great idea because she gets beauty deals for her subscribers at reduced rates.(I think I said beauty too many times in one statement.)

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