DIY: Fabric Choker.


I know, I know. I’m always the last to understand or get the hang of a  fashion trend, item or faux pas. I don’t really care much for clothes (I can almost hear some of my fashion blogger followers gasping). I’m just more of a ‘beat your face to perfection and leave the rest to God’ kinda girl.
I even just got my first pair of ripped jeans a couple of months back. In my defence, you’ll most likely get walked out of Clinic if you show up in ripped jeans and a choker.

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Editorial || Made Magazine/ Lola Savage

Hi dolls!It’s Thursday and we are throwing back.

This post is about my first editorial! Yay! I worked with geniuses in their fields. Made Magazine in their October edition had Lola Savage, singer, actress and general awesome human being, gracing their cover and I did her makeup.  Continue reading

Style Feature || Omorficulture

So, I pick up my pen and journal 20 times and drop it 20 times over. And that’s what I’ve been doing till it became a full month since I last posted. This has got to be the busiest time in a long time for me. What with medical school and my brand that seems to be sprouting and growing all on its own(yay to God). But hey! This is me with a new post.

I’m featuring Omorficulture. I mentioned her in a previous post and I just want to say that her work is amazing.

This shoot was for her first capsule collection, “Bricks and Mortar.” Continue reading