NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator- Pure Gold and Sun Goddess.


Hey guys. Another review here!
Whenever I post a review of a product on the blog, I just like to think that it is helping someone somewhere make a good purchase decision. The thing about me is, I can check for reviews of literally anything in the world. It’s so bad, I’ve checked for reviews of the rat tail comb. I mean, the 50naira blue comb that everybody has. I just like to know what people think about stuff and lots of decisions are based on their thoughts.

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Product Review | Zaron X Onobello Valentine Package. 


Quickstory: Throwback to a few days before Valentine this year. I was sitting in class at about 1am and trust me, this is when the evil called sleep comes to tempt you. I got out my phone to distract myself and  came across Onobello’s 20 days of Valentine giveaway package where they teamed up with 20 brands to give out stuff everyday for 20days. Onobello is an online fashion and lifestyle magazine  owned by a lady, Ono Bello. I literally get so excited by women  owned brands.

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Amazing and Affordable Beauty Blender Dupes || Nigerian Brands.

imageI’m all for budget beauty. We know this. And I’m showing us today how we can save a couple of hard-earned bucks and still get amazing results with makeup.

The Original Beauty Blender is amazing, no doubt. Its micro fibre engineering and one of a kind exclusive material makes it a game changer in makeup and bla, bla…. But mehn…it is just too pricey.

I mean it was expensive before. Talk less of this Buhari regime where razor blade is 20 and bread is 400. The beauty Blender costs 7000. That’s the price of a bucket of tomatoes. Or better, a single MAC brush that I can use for 10 years minimum. I digress. Continue reading

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat… Review.


My first (very modest) collection of brushes consisted of 5 brushes and a spooley. So washing was no big deal. My palm and a bar of white unscented soap (aka B29) was more than enough. But then, my “collection” grew and life became more complicated.
I still used my hands but the time for brush-washing stretched and the task became more arduous. I graduated to a brush egg but it was just too tiny and didn’t deep clean my brushes as the hype said it would.

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Halo/Sandwich eyeshadow method. 

   Hey guys! Here’s my take on the sandwich/halo eyeshadow method! I think it is a fun way of creating eyeshadow looks. It can go with even really bright colors without worrying about looking like a neon sign. I paired bright yellow and espresso brown for the sandwich using my new favorite eyeshadow palette, the Lorac Pro Mega Palette.   Continue reading

Beauty on a budget

 Hey guys! This is a new section on the blog! And it is basically sharing tips and tricks for flawless and amazing makeup and style that doesn’t require you breaking the bank aka spending your school fees money aka starving after buying makeup. Lol. I’m Nigerian and I school and live in Nigeria. And it’s frustrating seeing all these things online sometimes that you can’t afford (just yet) or dupes that are affordable but you can’t find them in your country. So the affordable things aren’t available and most of the available stuff…are well, not affordable! So here is where we can share beauty hacks and links to really good stuff we can find.! Continue reading

Yanga Beauty: No7 primer, Beauty Sponge…Review. 


If you follow me on Instagram @Ellapinkette, I put up this picture above a few weeks ago. I did not plan on doing a review because it is a small haul. I just gave a brief talk about the beauty sponge. But someone asked about the primer and remember when I talked about procrastination here. So I just decided to write a blog post for it.  Continue reading