February Favorites.

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You already know this post was supposed to go up in the last days of February but the telecomms giant in Nigeria decided to sleep on us. We were on stand still for like 2 whole days! I stood on a preety long queue for over an hour to get another service provider. All for you guys! πŸ™‚ So, hope you appreciate the post.

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Currently I am #3

Happy New Month! 3rd month already. Almost not catching my breath here. It’s also Ash Wednesday… Wishing everyone a fulfilling lent period in preparation for Easter.Β 

I’m writing my usual first post of the month. Just to fill you in on what I did in February. SoΒ Currently, I am…

On Moving Forward

I contemplated ignoring the fact that I haven’t posted yet this year and I was just going to dive into a topic. But I owe some sort of intro…

So, I’m saying, ‘Happy New Year’ in my own little late way. And though cliche as it is, I believe in resolutions, new starts and forwardness. So, I’m listing things and bits about what I intend for the year and what I’ve been up to in the past 27 days of the year.Β  Continue reading

Currently I am #2


Hey guys! Remember my last Currently I am tag? It did pretty good. And is still a hit till now. So, a repeat? Yes please!

Currently, I am…

Wearing: a lot more nail polish than usual. In different and lovely colours. It’s just a way for me to cover my natural nails for my nail growth challenge.

Eating: Noodles everyday. Somebody help!

Learning: New things. New makeup products, techniques, face shapes. It’s refreshing.

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TGIFreeManicures and a Nail Growth Challenge


Let me just start by saying, not every time free stuff! Sometimes pay for stuff. Lol. This message is more to me than anyone else.
So, last week Friday, I dragged Elsie for a night out on the Island that was to start with free manicures courtesy a beauty subscription I’m signed to.

#TGIFreeManicures is one of a couple of exclusive events organised by Ez of Beauty In Lagos. It comes with her beauty subscription on her BeautyClubNG which is a great idea because she gets beauty deals for her subscribers at reduced rates.(I think I said beauty too many times in one statement.)

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Ella Lately || The “Currently I am” Tag

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The “Currently I Am” Tag is gettingΒ really popularΒ among bloggers and is an amazing way of taking stock and saying all the things you’ve been up to without stressing so much.
I’ve seen it on a couple of blogs and as it is an open tag, I just thought to try it and add it to the “Ella lately” segment of the blog. In the last post on Ella Lately, I talked about medical school and losing my phone here.

Getting right to it, Currently I Am…

Wearing: my Zaron matte lip stain in the colour chilli. Everyday! I talked about why I love it, here.

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My Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

image Many times, I just go about my normal blog business and my random posts and many times I really don’t think people pay attention to my little corner of the world wide web. But, sometimes, someone comes and drops a comment and I’m like woah, who are you and why do you love me?!

Thanks to everyone that has ever created those moments. I got my first blog award nomination from Esther of thoughts9367.wordpress.com (thank you, darling). Continue reading

A love like ours.Β 

Hey good people. It’s the D-day. And I have a post. No it isn’t on a Valentine’s Day makeup look or collab or outfit or any of those things we have been seeing everywhere. It has been totally unavoidable. And I mean, what difference would mine make among the thousand makeup looks that tell you how seasoned makeup artists do their makeup. Many times, we try to recreate the look and end up looking like…oh well.Β No. This post is about love. But not the type we are used to. It’s about unconditional selfless love. Sacrificial in its ordinary way. When I read this, it went through my soul. My life changed. And though it was written with me in mind, I read it as though it was for a third party that I was learning from.

I was somebody’s real life Saint and I don’t know a love between human beings greater than that. We can only learn from the love of God.

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