The Business of Beauty x BLK/OPL relaunch in Nigeria + A GIVEAWAY

Take it or leave it, makeup is here to stay. It might be modified, modernized, reconstructed. But it is almost as old as time and it will be here for long. And like every other industry, it has its own parts and heirarchy.

This post is on what I learnt at the Blk/Opl relaunch party in Nigeria. Continue reading

Ash Valentine’s Day 2018

Does anyone know what tomorrow is? No, not Saint Valentine’s Day. That is already obvious from all the blog posts, makeup inspiration posts and Outfit posts we have been reading all month long.

Tomorrow, 14th February 2018 is Ash Wednesday. It is the beginning of the 40 days of Lent that leads up to the Holy Week.

For this post, I’ll just be sharing with you what I love about this period in the church. Continue reading

Scent on a budget: Designer perfume oils. 

There can never be too much emphasis on the way you smell. Let me repeat that slowly. It is very important to smell good.

I know your personality is important (side eye), but it really isn’t the first thing people see. Or smell. Before you open your mouth, do make an impression.  Continue reading

Guilt Free Pleasures, Cake Style. |Cake Flair|

New go-to cake spot alert! ☺️

A group of bloggers(me included) had the sweetest meet and greet last weekend. Organized by @coloursandgrey @thebloggersadvocate. And hosted by the sweetest cake and pastry enterprise I’ve known.
Best part is, there is something for everyone at the end of this post. (😉😉) Continue reading