Ella lately|January ‘18 recap.

The 60 days of January finally came to an end. I loved it. I learnt from it. I made resolutions, had fresh starts, trusted more in God. Made plans. Fulfilled some. Kept some for later.

Here’s a recap of my January. And some of my favorite links around the web. P.S. I’ve loved using the “currently I am” Tag to do my monthly recaps since I saw it on ThePurpleJournal’s blog some years back. But it seems not so personalized now so I’m adding a twist to it.

So here’s what Ella has been up to Lately.

Improvising a lot. I started this year with no brushes and very few makeup items. But I’m using the hacks I talked about. And some essential brushes I’ve managed to gather for the time being.

Trying to go out more. The plan was to clear my busy schedule to go out at least once a month. I didn’t really do that unless you count my outing to The Ice-cream Factory. I even experimented and went out of my “coffee-flavored” comfort zone.

Happy with my content. I was super consistent with blogging this January. More consistent than I’ve ever been since I started this blog almost 3 years ago. *Insert cheers!* I’m just looking forward to better days. That involves blogger/ brand collaborations. You can check out my contact info here.

Wearing old clothes. Lol. I really wanted to get myself a fashion item this month. *Laughs in January Brokeness*. That wasn’t possible. Instead, I saved some money and now I have enough to get more than one thing this February!

Considering Youtube. You saw my post on it right? It’s right here. So what do you think? YouTube or not?

Giving My Blogger spotlight (I just made that up) last month to Asaakemi. Here’s her blog. And her Instagram. She has really taught me a lot about simple and intentional living.

Planning a trip. In my head though. Hopefully, it will come to pass before the end of 2018.

Unbothered(or pretending to be) about the Instagram Algorithm drama. All I can say is “Lol, Do you! Be consistent. Put in work.

So far into 2018, things are going good. It could be better (in my own understanding), but I trust God and His ultimate plan.

If you haven’t started on those goals, or you feel discouraged because a few things haven’t been put in place, it doesn’t matter. You can still start now.

How was your January?

I’m leaving you with my favorite Bible verses of all time.

Proverbs 3:5-6. – Trust in the Lord with all your heart. And lean not on your understanding. Remember the Lord in everything you do and he will show you the right way.

Till next time.




10 thoughts on “Ella lately|January ‘18 recap.

  1. I love this! I might consider doing something similar for February! I love Wet n Wild brushes, super good quality and crazy cheap. I also love Kiko brushes on sale, they go for like 4-7 dollars! I feel you on the wearing old clothes, I went through and cleansed my closet and have been in love with some oldies recently. Thanks for the motivation!!!

    Jani from http://www.mylifeinmedicineblog.com


  2. I’ve been here before, But I came again and I think I should sneak in a comment. Your first point, I think I’m feeling it with myself. I’m getting happier with my contents as I go, and my new IG Page!

    Again, I also wish I could maybe produce the trip plans in my head out in reality. I desperately wish to travel!


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