5 things to note as a Nigerian Wedding guest. 

Hi everyone. Nigeria to me is one of the best places in the world to attend a wedding. We throw a mean party!

Here are some tips, of the top of my head, that we should think about when planning to attend as a guest. 

  1. No Asoebi, No glory. If you can manage to get the asoebi, that’s fine. Because that may determine your stand and how well you will be able to go to the vendors for food. My usual plan is to wear the color of the asoebi if I don’t have money for it. I can’t come and go and die.
  2. Don’t Skip the church. Stop eyeing me as if this is bad advice I’m giving. I know most Nigerians don’t go to church except for relatives. And then some people will put their church service in Ajah and reception in Festac. But why can’t you try to just add small to church crowd. Well, in my own wedding. There will be special pass in church that will give you access to the reception.
  3. Come early. I know you want to be a slay queen. And be fashionably late. But what shall it profit you, to walk in like Beyoncé and not have a seat like Meek Mill. Try to hurry your makeup artist. You are not the bride.
  4. Eat before coming. I don’t even know but I think this is the most important. Nigerian weddings are filled with food. And the average one will set aside almost 1 million Naira for food alone. But by the time iya iyawo would have served all her friends, slay Queen Ella will be frowning with hunger. Be wise.
  5. Remember you are here for the couple: Through thick and thin, small chops or no small chops, you are here to please the couple. Most of the time , whatever happens during the wedding ceremony is not their fault. It is their marriage. But their family’s wedding. Drop your gift and wish them well. Kindly leave the bad belle at home! 

😂😂 I hope I’ve been able to drop a few tips. Do leave some of yours. And drop comments still if you agree or disagree with mine. Have a very chilled weekend! 

My amazing dress was made by @official7thavenue @kharyna_7thavenue


20 thoughts on “5 things to note as a Nigerian Wedding guest. 

  1. I’m yet to attend a wedding since coming back, but thanks for the tips lol! The one about focusing on the couple is true! Some people are so focused on the food they couldn’t care less about the couple!
    Anyway, that aside, YOU LOOK AMAZING! Everything on point! The colour fits your skin tone so well and looks stunning! Makeup, hair, nails, everything popping! I want to be like you when I grow up, lol


    • I’m sure soon you’ll know someone that knows someone that is going for a wedding. So you’ll get to go. 😂
      True. The couple is the most important part.
      Thank you for your compliments! Thank you, thank you. 😘

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  2. Weddings are just stress for me really, but I have friends that are on the lookout for any invite. They even go as far as crashing a wedding simply because they believe the invite belongs to all if you attended the same school or church. Good points you listed


  3. Nice tips! We Nigerians love to throw a party and often leave tact & manners at home when invited to something as large scale as a wedding. People like to forget that they are there to celebrate someone and not just to eat and take fine selfies. I honestly have no idea why someone will be seen at the reception if they weren’t present at the church ceremony. You are looking really good by the way, that dress is beautiful!


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