TGIFreeManicures and a Nail Growth Challenge


Let me just start by saying, not every time free stuff! Sometimes pay for stuff. Lol. This message is more to me than anyone else.
So, last week Friday, I dragged Elsie for a night out on the Island that was to start with free manicures courtesy a beauty subscription I’m signed to.

#TGIFreeManicures is one of a couple of exclusive events organised by Ez of Beauty In Lagos. It comes with her beauty subscription on her BeautyClubNG which is a great idea because she gets beauty deals for her subscribers at reduced rates.(I think I said beauty too many times in one statement.)



TGIFreeManicures  holds every first Friday of the month from 5 – 9pm at different locations every month. This edition was at Zazaii, A fashion, beauty and lifestyle store in Victoria Island. It was a very pretty place with good ambience. We got to walk around the store, take a few pictures and look at clothes that we can’t afford. Just yet! Lol. It was pretty cool.
There was also complementary cocktail by Cointreau which I had, but Elsie doesn’t care much for alcohol.




Then, we got down to manicures by Le Chat. For some reason, I just assumed this was going to include acrylic nails. I have terribly short nails, you see, and I never attempt to paint them. This is because, whenever I do, I get more polish on my skin than I do on the actual nails. I always try (and fail) to explain to people that I don’t actually bite my nails.

So, you can imagine my shock when there were no acrylics anywhere. I blushed (like my brown skin can actually do that) and told the lady quite nicely that I wouldn’t bother because they won’t come out good. She was very polite and told me that it didn’t matter and that I couldn’t come down all the way and go without my manicure. I ended up getting it done, anyway.


So, my nails didn’t turn out quite like I envisioned it (I had Ez’s many glossy, perfect manicures in mind), but I had a pretty good time. Everyone was nice and it was a good start to my Friday night.

I’m going to drop pictures of my manicure and no one should judge me!
Warning: Graphic, really short nails ahead. Lol. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.




In light of this, I have taken up a Nail Growth Challenge. This means that, I won’t cut or pick my nails. I’m hoping by the #TGIFreeManicures edition of December, I’ll have nails enough for a proper manicure. Feel free to join me.  You can post pictures and tag me too. Maybe with a hashtag. #Ellapinkette #NailGrowthChallenge  #EllapinketteNGC
It’ll be fun, I promise!

So, where are the girls (or guys) with short nails? How do you get past this? Acrylic all the way? Or do you polish your natural stubs and flaunt ’em anyway? Do leave me comments! I love your comments!

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Love and Makeup,

We are often troubled, but not crushed; sometimes in doubt, but never despair; there are many enemies, but we are never without a friend; and though badly hurt at times, we are not destroyed. -2 Corinthians 4:8-9


9 thoughts on “TGIFreeManicures and a Nail Growth Challenge

    • Aww hun! Mine too. But there are a lot of practices and habits that may make them stronger. There are a tons of nail blogs that can help with that. I know one that I like and will drop the url in a subsequent post.
      Thank you for reading. Sure will visit.

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