DIY: Fabric Choker.


I know, I know. I’m always the last to understand or get the hang of a  fashion trend, item or faux pas. I don’t really care much for clothes (I can almost hear some of my fashion blogger followers gasping). I’m just more of a ‘beat your face to perfection and leave the rest to God’ kinda girl.
I even just got my first pair of ripped jeans a couple of months back. In my defence, you’ll most likely get walked out of Clinic if you show up in ripped jeans and a choker.


I’m not a fashion blogger! (In Khan’s voice.) When this trend started I was like “But we’ve done this before.”
My first choker was from my mom. She gave it to me when I was 14. It was made of blue beads that looked like stuff you’ll find at the bottom of the ocean. Very pretty.
But, very painful. I would wear it to church and before the 1st reading is over I would have taken it down. This also explains why I don’t wear earrings till date.

So, I understand why people will take a better liking to the fabric choker. It  is more versatile and more comfortable.


I was going to get the regular ones sold everywhere but I decided to use all this velvet fabric I have lying around. I got to my pile of old stuff and found this jacket that I no longer wear and that is too raggedy to give out. The pattern is amazing.
You’ll need
-Fabric of choice
-pair of scissors.
-measuring tape
-old clasp
-needle and thread

I got all my materials together and then,
-Measured my neck with a tape rule(weird thing to say)
-Added two extra inches for extra.
-Measured two inches as the width (width?) of my choker
-Attached a clasp from an old necklace with needle and thread.


Obviously, you can do this with almost any comfortable fabric.
Also, you can add a charm to the front. I just liked mine this way. But, go crazy. Do it all. Feel free!

Can we also take a minute to talk about my DIY wig. I mentioned it in this post. It was made with long beautiful hair. But, I destroyed it in my attempt to make a bob wig. I just managed to save it a bit and make it look ‘not so bad.’ I’ll most definitely  try my hand at wig making another time.




Now that I have done this one now, I can’t go out without it. And I won’t even keep my neck well. I’ll just be raising my head so everyone will see. Lol. Do you like the choker trend? Do you own a few? Or did you get on the train late just like I did. Do let me know….

Above everything, love one another earnestly, because love covers a multitude of sins. -1 Peter 4:8

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23 thoughts on “DIY: Fabric Choker.

  1. Lool I can so relate to being the last person to get into a new fashion trend. I love your fabric choker. I recently just made a denim distressed choker. I might put up a tutorial on my blog.


    • Asin. I’m the last for everything in this fashion thing. But I love this one so much now ehn. Thank you!
      Pls put it up. I’m expecting it. 😄 Thank you for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pingback: THE KNOTS ARE OUT – girleccentric

    • Yes they made it trend a bit more as they do with anything they wear. Or touch. Lol. DIY ones are best. Just customized how you want.
      Thank you for reading.


  3. Yes, they made it trend a bit more as they do with everything they wear. Or touch. Lol. DIY ones are best. Just customized how you want.
    Thank you for reading!


    • We are like besties! I’m learning though. My friends mumble when I don’t put on jewellery. Something about not being a proper lady…. Ugh.


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