My 2015 Story -Elsie Ogianyo

But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength. – 2 Timothy 4:17


Hopeful Beginnings…

Like most people in the world, I would have said all, but I’ll be wrong to assume that everyone believes that with a new year comes good things, and good changes..but anyway I’m part of the majority.

I remember starting this year with prayer points, I didnt have too many actually, the 2 foremost being; one, I asked God for academic excellence because my professional exams in medical school was to be around February/march, and I was to retake it the 3rd and last time; two, I asked for good health for myself and family. To show how bad I wanted these, I joined the beginning of the year prayer and fasting that my church declares every new year, and I was determined to fast the whole month, something I’ve never done. In case you were wondering, it wasn’t dry fasting -__- just the routine 6am-6pm,or 6am to…

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