Editorial || Made Magazine/ Lola Savage

Hi dolls!It’s Thursday and we are throwing back.

This post is about my first editorial! Yay! I worked with geniuses in their fields. Made Magazine in their October edition had Lola Savage, singer, actress and general awesome human being, gracing their cover and I did her makeup. 

She was so nice to work with and her skin is amazing.

Awesome thing about this shoot was the spontaneity and audaciousness. Lola Savage, mom of 2, (with that body) wore matching lingerie in Ebuttemetta. I never wear bikinis. I get uncomfortable even seeing people in them. Unless it’s a movie, of course. Lol. But she didn’t as much as flinch.

You can only imagine the stares we got and the Yoruba women calling after us that she should cover up. As in, “Kini gbogbo rubbish”. “Ahn, Omo yi, omashe oo”. Lol, I hope I didn’t murder the language so much.

It was an amazing team and that was why we were able to pull it off.

Creative Director: Tokyo James (@tokyojamess)

Photographer: Paul Ukonu (@paulukonu)

Stylist: Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. (@ifeanyiokaforjr)

Makeup: Ellapinkette. (@Ellapinkette)

You can head over to Made Magazine to read her interview.


What do you guys think?!

Till next time.

Love and makeup, Ella.


4 thoughts on “Editorial || Made Magazine/ Lola Savage

    • 😊 I know right? I was shy on her behalf.
      Thank you for reading. I’m actually very very thrilled that you dropped by.
      Your blog is amazing!


  1. Congratulations on your first editorial. I hope more come your way. Honestly, Lola Savage looks absolutely gorgeous and very fit, hard to believe she has 2 kids. I hope she takes the Entertainment Industry by storm.


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