Style Feature || Omorficulture

So, I pick up my pen and journal 20 times and drop it 20 times over. And that’s what I’ve been doing till it became a full month since I last posted. This has got to be the busiest time in a long time for me. What with medical school and my brand that seems to be sprouting and growing all on its own(yay to God). But hey! This is me with a new post.

I’m featuring Omorficulture. I mentioned her in a previous post and I just want to say that her work is amazing.

This shoot was for her first capsule collection, “Bricks and Mortar.”

Omorficulture is the Ready to wear & Bespoke Fashion and Lifestyle Brand that Designs, Produces & Inspires style for everyday fashion.

You can check them out here.
Few pictures from the lookbook (and makeup of course) after the cut.

And for the makeup…






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