Asoebi(not) Bella 


Hey everyone,

I tried to modify the look of the blog. You know, pretty things up a bit. AsI have little no-how for computers, software and things (it’s almost like I was born a few decades late), I had to invite a friend to help. 

Enough of me. Let’s go back to my Bellas. They didn’t put on the actual Asoebi for the wedding. Hence, the title of the post. But, I helped them get ready and that’s what the post is really about.

  Eseoghene, my regular muse. Not her first look with me so I know her face like the back of my hand. Really. And look at that killer top. Lol.

 Sweet Taiwo had on a simple and beautiful outfit so her look was bold. I absolutely love her lip colors. Orange toned at first with Milani’s Sweet Nectar. Then a soft pink ombré with a whole lotta stuff I can’t remember now.   


Kemi looked just like a socialite today. Ravishing in red and graceful every step of the way.

It was all together an awesome Saturday morning. How did you spend yours?


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